Saturday, February 27, 2021

February Wrap Up


So, February was not the most successful reading month I've ever had. I ended up finishing four books, reading a bit more of Les Misérables, and made it through a chunk of Our Mutual Friend. While I did like most of what I read, most of my selections for the month weren't quick or easy, and I ended up going through a bit of a reading slump as a result. I still read every day, but I wasn't getting through as many pages as usual and I actually struggled to stay awake many days. Here's the breakdown of what I read:

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens - In progress

My favorite book of the month was...none of those, actually. I didn't dislike anything I read, but I didn't love anything either. If I had finished Our Mutual Friend, that would be the top book of the month. It's very funny and clever so far. I'm liking it a lot. It's 800 pages though, so it's quite slow going.

My least favorite of the month was...none of those again. There were things I didn't like about all of them, but none of them were "bad." 

What a bland month of reading! I am hoping that I have better luck in March. This is what I have planned so far: 

Finish Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens
Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy
To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
At least two books chosen from my owned-not-read list based on my mood
At least 100 pages of Les Misérables

I'm happy for the fresh start that March will bring. I'm ready to try and find a book that I will truly get lost in! Hopefully I'll have better luck than I had this month.

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