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I am an unapologetic planner and a list-maker. Almost everything I do, even the books I choose to read, are usually part of a specific strategy. Below is a brief description of all my past years in reading, and links to relevant blog entries for them.

2020 Reading Challenges

In 2020, the pandemic gave me a whole bunch of extra reading time. Accordingly, it ended up being a very successful year for me. I participated in the Back to the Classics Reading Challenge for the sixth year in a row and I continued to chip away at my Classics Club list. I also completed two of my own reading challenges. The first was a return of my True Books Challenge, in which I read a nonfiction book each month. The second was my Then Versus Now Challenge, in which I reread an old favorite each month and compared it to a book I hadn't read yet from the same author. Lastly, I participated in the StoryGraph Onboarding Challenge, which was designed to help test out the features of a new reading website I joined this year.

Here are links to all my challenges:
I set a reading goal of reading at least 50 books this year, and I ended up reading 91 books. This is the most I have read in a single year ever. 

Total books read: 91
Total pages read: 33, 074

2019 Reading Challenges

In 2019, I participated in the Back to the Classics Reading Challenge again and I continued to make progress on my Classics Club Challenge. I also completed my own reading challenge called Finally in 2019, in which I read several books I had been meaning to get to for years. I also participated in a new reading challenge over the summer, The Book Junkie Trials. 

I worked on the following challenges:
I set a goal of reading 50 books for the year, and I surpassed this by reading a total of 81 books. 

Total books read: 81
Total pages read: 29,651

2018 Reading Challenges

In 2018, I set up some personal reading challenges, as well as continued on with my Classic Club Challenge. I also moved across the country this year, and the stress of that meant that I fell a bit short in some of my goals. I did have a few high points though - I took a trip to Walden Pond and I finally read Ulysses.

I worked on the following challenges:

I set of goal of reading 50 books for the year and I fell short. I read a total of 45. My reading started off strong in the beginning of the year, then dropped off towards the end of it as I moved. I wish I had done a bit better, but I was working through some difficult emotional stuff, so I can cut myself a little slack.

Total books read: 45
Total pages read: 14,941

2017: Reading Challenges

In 2017, I decided to tackle several reading challenges to bring more variety to my reading. I also started in on my Classics Club Challenge, which will take me five years to complete.

I completed the following challenges:

I set a reasonable goal of reading 76 total books for the year, which I surpassed. I read a grand total of 81 books. I read and blogged consistently throughout the year, so I was very happy with my results.

Total Books Read: 81
Total Pages Read: 26,523
My Goodreads Year in Reading

2016: Theme Months

In 2016, I assigned each month a specific theme, and read books that fell into those categories. The goal was to make sure that I read books from a wide variety of time periods and genres. It definitely worked!

I started off wanting to try and read 100 books throughout the year, but I ended up falling short. Long reads like A Prayer for Owen Meany, the Jane Goodall biography, and The Count of Monte Cristo meant that I didn't have enough time. I did read fairly consistently over the course of the year, however, so I'm happy. I also completed the Back the the Classics Challenge this year.

Total Books Read: 76
Total Pages Read: 25,714
My Goodreads Year in Reading

January: Science Fiction
February: Books with Diverse Protagonists
March: Strong Women
April: Nonfiction
May: Kindle Books
June: Adventure Books
July: Favorite Authors
August: Books from my Shelves
September: Scary Books
October: Banned Books
November: Fantasy Books
December: Award-Winning Books

Prior to 2016

Before 2016, I didn't maintain this blog. Below, are links to my Goodreads challenges for previous years.

2015: 84 Books
2014: 48 Books
2013: 54 Books
2012: 34 Books

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